About Denese

alternate text I started the business about 8 years ago at a friend's restaurant. I was making some small pieces and he let me sell them there. Since then, I have expanded to selling at Gresham Farmers Market and I do various other shows throughout the year.

I have actually been fusing glass for over 9 years. I got interested in glass back in the 60's when I was a kid. I to the Fair and saw the guys there doing their torch work and just loved sitting and watching them.

My Mother never pushed me into any art because I can not draw worth beans and she thought that my sister, who is great at drawing, was the artistic one. Little did she know that one day art and I would become a business!

I had thought at one time that I would like to learn how to do stain glass, but when I check into it, it was always too expensive for me to get started on the classes and materials. I thought that I would like to blow glass, which is really my deepest dream, but it is expensive also and I never knew where to go to learn the craft.

Whenever we ran across someone, somewhere, blowing glass, I would just watch for however long my husband would put up with me . Then one day when my youngest son was about 2 years old and my husband alternate textand I were in downtown Portland running errands. He had stopped at this place and I stayed in the car because our son was sleeping. I was gazing out the window and noticed all these people going into this business that had banners hanging on the side of the building. My growing curiosity got the better of me. So, when my husband returned to the car, I told him to stay put. It was my turn. I went and checked out the mysterious business, and it was Bullseye Glass Company! And THAT is where I found out about fused glass. I WAS HOOKED!

I was a stay home mom for over 21 years when, as I was sitting outside in the summer sun reading the Mt. Hood Comm. College fall class booklet, I ran across the adult classes for fused glass. I had already tried to get into classes at Bullseye for about a year. Their classes were always full and very expensive. So when I saw the class at Mt. Hood, I told my Husband about it and I signed right up that day.

I have to say that it was up on Mt Hood, at the Community Center they have there, and the lady was very nice. Her specialty was ceramics and we used a ceramics' kiln. I really had good time there, learned to cut glass, and gave myself a chance to get out of the house by myself once every week. That is a real treat when you are a stay home mom to four boys! After completing the three week class, I headed over to Bullseye, bought a book on fused glass, and read the whole thing! Honest, I did. Since then, I have learned alot from trial and error over the years.

I would still like to someday be able to blow glass all the time. But for right now, I go up to Tacoma Glass when ever I can and blow it there. At home, I work on my fused glass and I enjoy doing that very much. In fact, it doesn't really feel like I am working sometimes. It is more like having fun. I have the best of both worlds!